What’s the right lifestlye for me?

BestLife4Seniors can help take the guesswork and mystery out of choosing the best option for the next phase of your life

To everything there is a season, and the only constant is change. 

Cliché? Maybe. True? Absolutely. 

If you feel that you or a loved one is ready to shift your lifestyle, and if comfort, safety, and living within a community of likeminded individuals appeals to you, then it’s time to consider embracing the retirement lifestyle you’ve earned.

At BestLife4Seniors our mission is in our name. Our driving purpose is to help you to identify, claim, and live your very Best Life. If that sounds good to you, then the first step is to understand the options and care levels, which is key to making a well-informed decision. 

Independent Living

You can opt out of the rut and into a carefree, fun-filled lifestyle! 

For many 55+ the time comes in which they wish to downsize for a variety of reasons. The expense and responsibility of home maintenance, yardwork, and domestic chores become a burden. The desire to travel for extended periods of time without concern and worry becomes ideal. Or perhaps isolation and loneliness have become a reality and you yearn for an active lifestyle in a community of individuals. 

It’s not that you can’t keep up with the work, it’s that you don’t want to anymore. You’re ready to relieve yourself of a lifetime of obligations and toil. However, you don’t yet need any personal care assistance or oversight just yet but it’s nice to know you have someone close by 24/7 just in case.

If that sounds like you, Independent Living might just be the perfect solution. 

Living in a senior apartment is like going on a permanent vacation. Concierge service, activities with groups of peers, and daily access to full-service dining — that’s a lifestyle you could get used to!

Of course your independent living apartment comes equipped with a full kitchen, so if you decide to whip up one of your favorite specialties, you absolutely can do that. In fact, you can hand off your shopping list and we’ll get your groceries for you and deliver your delicacies to your door if you’d like. 

Want to head into town with your new friends and neighbors for some shopping, to see a show, or to try out the town’s newest restaurant? Absolutely! And we’ll even do the driving if you like. 

Whether you love games, painting, or gardening, you’re sure to find a group of people who love it too. 

And there’s no reason to leave your old best friends behind because we’re pet-friendly. Family or friends want to come for a visit and stay with you? Not a problem!

Assisted Living

Sometimes we all need a little bit of help. If you’ve had a recent surgery, a medical issue, or certain daily tasks just aren’t as easy as they once were, an Assisted Living community may provide the answer.

Many seniors find that daily tasks have become harder. Some have found that shoelaces or little buckles are best avoided and have made the switch to Velcro footwear. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The professionals in our Assisted Living communities are more than happy to help you with tasks like dressing, which means it’s time to get all those cute shoes out of your closet and back into the rotation!

As medical ingenuity continues to advance, some seniors find themselves managing an ever-growing assortment of medications. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to keep it all straight. Our med techs are standing by to help you manage your medications — and to administer the right dose at the right time, every time. In Assisted Living communities, wondering if you forgot to take this morning’s pills is just one less thing for you, and your loved ones, to worry about. 

Cooking daily meals can become burdensome for some as well. Our Assisted Living communities serve three hot meals a day prepared by our in-house chefs. And there are snacks too!

Maybe mobility has become an issue. Whether it’s a wheelchair, a walker, or a cane, our professionals are ready to lend a hand while making sure that you maintain your independence. Occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, are offered in our communities as we partner with the best service providers in our area to make sure that you have all the support your doctor’s ordered. In fact, we also offer in-house physician services as a convenience!

Personal grooming, bathing, and tasks of daily living can become tougher as we age. Our professionals are here to help.

If you just need a little more help than you used to, but you want to maintain your independence in a comfortable resort-like setting, Assisted Living might be the ideal solution for you.

Memory Care

If you are the caretaker for a friend or family member suffering from Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia, it may be time to consider engaging the services of professionals who are trained to offer the kind of specialized, compassionate care required for your loved one to live their Best Life.

These are progressive conditions, and while you may have been able to manage the earlier symptoms and struggles, you likely will reach a point where you need help. Maybe your own health has become a concern. Maybe you need support. Maybe you need a break. 

If you’ve decided that it’s time to find a place where your loved one can be safe, secure, and cared for twenty-four hours a day, a Memory Care community can be your solution. 

Our communities are comfortable, supportive environments where your loved ones can enjoy the companionship of their peers along with the care of a team of compassionate, caring and specially-trained staff members. Our team is dedicated to helping our residents maintain their skills and preserve their sense of self. We’re here to help while providing your loved one with engaging daily activities that provide exercise, socialization, and entertainment.

You deserve the chance to return to your former role of spouse, adult child, or friend, which is possible when you utilize the services of a team of professional caregivers in a Memory Care community. 

Select the Community That Fits Your Best Life

We’d love the chance to answer any questions you might have about the continuum of care available and to offer our years of experience as you navigate the next phase of your Best Life.  Search for a few communities that seem like a good fit then schedule a tour at each, or simply call and ask questions to get started.

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